What you assume when visiting this site

1. Your data belongs to you

We collect ZERO Metrics, cookies, browser information, mouse orientation, or any and all other datapoints related to user-story or website utilization. Any cookies stored are purely browser-side and will not be used in any form for advertising or off-site following.

2. Other sites aren't so nice

We Reccomend Adnauseam For those interested in an ad-free experience while perusing the offerings of other industry leaders. Although it may be presented as an end-user convienence to provide a website with an un-godly ammount of trackers, we've seen otherwise, working in the industry for years, the type of end-user abuse that goes on.

3. We encourage a free* demo

Nothing is truely free, we will provide a Demo but as a corporation that cares about its human employees, we must compensate them for installation, and although we are sure you will love the demonstration of our service, as contingency for those who wish to stick with fallible human security, we require a down payment simply as an installation and potential un-installation fee. If you are more than satisfied with the demo, we will give you the option of refunding the secondary un-installation cost, or you may put it towards your first month of the security system's lease.